How to Choose a Good Location

How to Choose a Good Location

Choosing a good location to build your home takes some research at the county zoning office. Every county posts a future use plan for undeveloped property in each neighbourhood. While a piece of land you like might be zoned residential, there could be industrial zoning in the same area. Additionally, some parcels have deed restrictions. Learn how to research a potential area before buying the land.

Determine if Land is Suitable

Determine if Land is Suitable

After finding a piece of land you like, determine if it is suitable for the type of house you want to build. Realtors recommend buying land that has at least two potential sites for building. Autumn and winter are the best times to see the true outline of land. Summer growth hides low areas that might be unbuildable due to flooding.

Foretell A Neighborhood's Future

Foretell A Neighborhood's Future

The future path a neighbourhood takes determines whether your property values increase or decrease. There are telltale signs of good and bad neighbourhoods. Learn how realtors foretell the future of an area by evaluating certain criteria. For example, good areas have major department stores and upscale shops. Neighbourhoods on the decline have tattoo parlors and a noticeable absence of chain stores.

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