About Carol Smith

I’m Carol Smith and I started this blog to help people find the perfect building lot for their dream home. The process is not complicated but it does take a few hours of your time.

Read through the blog posts for tips on finding an appropriate lot in a good neighbourhood. You’ll learn how to research future plans for an area. For example, you might be thrilled to see land for sale across the street from a large field. You envision the kids playing soccer in the summer and sledding in the winter. However, research might reveal that the open field has commercial zoning. You might soon be across the street from a strip mall.

After identifying good areas to buy, the next step is evaluating a specific parcel of land. Not all land is buildable. It must have good drainage and the soil be sufficiently compacted to support the weight of a structure.

It’s not always obvious when an area is first starting to decline. The homes might still be well-kept and attractive. One telltale sign is seeing many homes for sale. The majority of a neighbourhood doesn’t decide to pack up and leave for no reason whatsoever.

I hope you find the posts helpful in searching for land to build your home. It can be a time-consuming process but the end result, your own home, makes it worthwhile.